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Value Bag Rip & Ship

Value Bag Rip & Ship

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These grab bags consist of slabs, packs, raffle entries, and more. All adding up to 60 to 90 in product value 
Every business processes Rip & Ships a little different. This is how we process ours:

1: You can decide whether or not you'd like to keep the bulk cards. If you do not want us to ship it out to you, we will pay it forward via giveaways.

2: All orders placed for our Rip & Ships will be opened on stream on TikTok @MidwestPokeStop. All Rip & Ship orders are non refundable.

3: Any orders placed in IL will be subject to IL Tax.

4: All orders are subject to a nominal shipping charges at checkout per order. Please keep this in mind when placing orders.

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